Akira Zaizen
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Japanese (ざい)(ぜん) (あきら)
Base 財前 晃
Furigana ざいぜん あきら
Rōmaji Zaizen Akira
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Aoi Zaizen (Sister-in-law)[1]
unnamed parents (deceased) Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 7:"Angel of Hanoi"
Eye Yellow
Duel Monster statistics
Occupation SOL technology Security Manager


Anime Episode 1
Japanese Shouma Yamamoto

Akira Zaizen ((ざい)(ぜん) (あきら), Zaizen Akira) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime and is the brother-in-law of Yusaku's classmate Aoi Zaizen.[3] He is a high-ranking SOL employee who oversees the security of the city and the VR Space. He protects the city from hackers.[4]

Appearance Edit

Akira is a fair skinned young man with blue and teal hair and he has pale pink eyes.He wears a businessman outfit which consist of blue coat with dark one underneath a white shirt and black tie he also sports blue trousers ad black shoes.

Personality Edit

He is a workaholic who seems to care only about work above all else even more than his sister-in-law, Aoi.[5] However, he actually cares for his sister-in-law and work hard to support her since they live alone. Unfortunately, this also causes him to spend less times with Aoi.[6]

History Edit

Hologram of a bishop chess piece

Akira informs Bishop that Ignis is inside of the network.

At the SOL Technology headquarters, Akira informed Bishop that Ignis was inside of the network. Bishop reminded that the SOL Technologies has been the leading force in the network for many years and that is all thanks to the Data Material that has been created from the Cyberse World, but 5 years ago due the attack from The Knights of Hanoi, Ignis hid the Cyberse World somewhere inside the network. Akira added that due to the removal of Cyberse the supply of Data Matérial had steadily been decreasing and the performance of the network had fallen by 30%. To save their compagny, Bishop ordered Akira to find Ignis and to determine the location of Cyberse. Shortly after, heinformed Bishop that the preparations for the scan was complete but was worried about the decline of the security during the scan and that there will enourmous damage if the Knights attack at this moment.

Ep002 Akira watching Cyberse Wizard

Akira surprised to see a Cyberse Monster.

Shortly after, Akira looked at the SOL Technology's staff performed a City Scan in order to search for Ignis and gets frustrated when the Knights of Hanoi decided to attack as the defenses of VRAINS would be left vulnerable at that point. He was surprised that Ignis was bonded to Playmaker's Duel Disk and asked what happened when a mysterious light go out from Playmaker's Duel Disk.[7] During the Speed Duel between Playmaker and The Knight of hanoi, he was suprised that Playmaker summoned a Cyberse Monster and asked why he did have this Type of monster.[8] After Playmaker defeated the Knight, he wondered if Playmaker and Ignis have teamed up. Later, he, Bishop, Knight and Rook discussed about the incident caused by the duel between Playmaker and Knight of Hanoi.

Ep003 Akira, Bishop, Knight and Rook

Akira discusses the Duel between Playmaker and the knight of Hanoi with Bishop, Rook and Knight.

Rook proposed to close down Link VRAINS and to perform some maintenance. Knight added that there were some reckless individuals who appeared and it might result in injuries. Akira said that he didn't think it would be a good idea to shup down Link VRAINS for their company didn't decrease in profits and the Data Storm was confirmation that Cyberse was safe. He added that Ignis was captured by a hacker named "Playmaker". Knight asked Akira about Playmaker's identity, Akira answered that they devoted all their ressource into investgating it. Rook reminded Akira that this was his job as the head of Security Department. Akira said that if they shutdown Links VRAINS and the battle between Playmaker and the knight of Hanoi moved elsewhere, they will be lost the Cyberse world forever and suggested to restrict Link VRAINS and to make a battlefield for Playmaker and The Knights of Hanoi in order to capture Playmaker inside of it. Bishop agreed but warned that they won't accept failure. Then at a red traffic light, Akira met Emma Bessho and asked her to get information about Playmaker. At sunset, Akira met Go Onizuka and his manager, he was surprised that Onizuka lived in a warehouse and thought he would have a lavish lifetime. Go's manager said that Onizuka wasn't a Duelist who was after money. Akira wished that Go defeated Playmaker and retrieved an AI Program that he had. He offered him a D-Board for Speed Duels and explained Playmaker's AI program was originally created by Sol Technologies, but due to certain events it fell into Playmaker's hands. Even they didn't know Playmaker's identity, he added that his AI program would determine the future of Link VRAINS and it fell into Hanoi's hand, Link VRAINS would be destroyed. Akira wished that Go protected Link VRAIN and if he succeeded, Sol Technologies would become his main sponsor. But Onizuka refused and asked him to leave. He understood and said that he would come back later, he noticed a homemade championship belt and affirmed that many people wanted him to be the king of Duelists. Before leaving, Akira told Onizuka that if he changed his mind, he could contact him anytime.[9]


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