Aoi Zaizen's robot
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Ep006 Aoi Zaizen's robot
Personal Information
Gender Female
Eye Green
Duel Monster statistics
Affiliation Akira Zaizen
Aoi Zaizen
Anime Episode 6
Japanese Mako Muto

Aoi Zaizen's robot (ロボッピ, Roboppī) is a robot appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She works as a maid at Aoi Zaizen's apartment.

History Edit

Aoi Zaizen's robot was first seen greeting Aoi who came home from school, she informed her that her brother couldn't come home again due to work.[1] Since the incident in LINK VRAINS of Aoi's robot restricted Aoi at her apartment from leaving, per Akira's orders.[2]


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