A D-Board ((ディー)・ボード Dī Bōdo)[1] is a type of hoverboard which is introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It is designed for duels inside Link VRAINS. When a Duel is about to begin within the Data Storm, the D-Boards will appear from within the wind for the Duelists to jump onto.


Yusaku's D-Board is white with black stripes. It has lights on the front and blue fins on the back sides. Yusaku's D-Board
Go's D-Board is maroon with black and gold accents. Go's D-Board
Aoi's D-Board is white and light green. It has small red-lined wings on the back sides. Aoi's D-Board
Revolver appears to have at least two D-Boards. They are longer and narrower than other models, with 3 gems placed towards the front and a semicircle-shaped piece on the back, and yellow angles. The first one is white with green gems and red semicircle. The second one is silver with orange gems and dark green semicircle. Revolver's D-Board
Emma Bessho's D-Board is purple with sliver and pink wings. Emma's D-Board
Prototype Ai-A's D-Board is green and yellow. 200px
Prototype Ai-B's D-Board is red and black. 200px
Doctor Genome's D-Board is white with orange gems and a blue semicircle. 200px
Baira's D-Board is white with orange gems and a purple semicircle. Baira's D-Board


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