Link VRAINS' network

Link VRAINS' network.

Link VRAINS (LINK(リンク) VRAINS(ヴレインズ) Rinku Vureinzu), standing for "Link Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Network System", is the location where Virtual Reality Duels take place in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It is described as "a cyberspace constructed with the latest technology". Duelists use D-Boards to Duel and are used to ride the Data Storm. Duelists will change forms when they Duel in Link VRAINS, similar to avatars. The duels conducted here will be conducted under the Speed Duel Rule, as opposed to a Real World Duel where it is Dueled with the Master Rule.

Inside LINK VRAINS, a mysterious hacker group that hacks via Dueling has appeared: The Knights of Hanoi. Their goal is to destroy the "AI World" known as "Cyberse" that exists somewhere in the depths of the Network.


Link VRAINS was filled with a wind which duelists used to duel and ride D-Board's in Speed Duels. However it disappeared along with peoples memories of it. Inside the wind was said to contain another world called Cyberse.[1]

Ep001 Knight of Hanoi attacks a user with his Cracking Dragon

A Knight of Hanoi attacks a user of Link VRAINS with his "Cracking Dragon".

At some point following the disappearance of Cyberse, the data material which was taken and placed into the network had been reduced. This resulted in a reduction in the network's efficiency by more then 30%. Link VRAINS became a place where the top duelists went as well as Charisma Duelist's. Regular Duels took the place of Speed Duels due to its absence. At one point during Duels which involved GO and Blue Angel, the Knights of Hanoi attacked with "Cracking Dragon". They begun to attack users which resulted in accounts being deleted. Playmaker appeared and saved Blue Angel from an attack. Ignis who was taken as a hostage by Playmaker, unlocked data material from Cyberse to bring back the wind and Speed Duels. Playermaker then commenced a Duel against the Knight.[2] After defeating the Knight of Hanoi, Playmaker became famous and widely regarded Link VRAIN's hero. Multiple media sources attempted to find him and several "Playmaker" impostors showed up. At the same time SOL and Hanoi became determined to capture Playmaker in order to recover Ignis.[3]


Link VRAINS can bring real dangers. Any physical harm a person suffers while in Link VRAINS transfers to their real bodies. When The Knights of Hanoi attacked Link VRAINS, their "Cracking Dragon" deleted the accounts of anyone it engulfed in its flames. When Playmaker fell off his D-Board, Ignis said that a fall from that height could've killed his real body had he not been rescued by Blue Angel.[4]


While in Link VRAINS, duelist can take avatar forms. While in these avatars, they can also use pseudonyms. Because of this, the Duelist's real identities usually are unknown. Avatar forms can also give the duelists special abilities such as forming energy whips. Using avatars is not madantory, as some Duelists like Go Onizuka don't seem to have avatars. Avatars can also be non-humanoid, such as with the case of Frog and Pigeon. It is also possible to have duplicate avatars, as multiple "Playmaker" impersonators were seen when reporters were looking for the real one.[5]

Known PlayersEdit

Image VR Name Name Deck
Playmakerface Playmaker
Yusaku Fujiki
((ふじ)() (ゆう)(さく))
Blue Angelface Blue Angel
Aoi Zaizen
((ざい)(ぜん) (あおい))
Goface Go Onizuka
(Go (おに)(づか))
Go Onizuka
((ざい)(ぜん) (あおい))
Revolverface Revolver
Unknown Unknown
Knight of Hanoiface The Knights of Hanoi
(ハノイの 騎士(きし))
Unknown Unknown
Emma face Vr Form Ghost Girl
Emma Bessho
(別所(べっしょ) エマ)


Image VR Name Name
Specter's face Specter
Ep.003 Frog Frog
Ep 003 Pigeon Pigeon
Dr. Kogami face Dr. Kogami



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