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Ep003 Roboppy
Japanese ロボッピ
Rōmaji Roboppī
Personal Information
Gender Female
Duel Monster statistics
Affiliation Ai
Yusaku Fujiki
Anime Episode 3
English Sam Black
Japanese Minami Takahashi

Roboppy (ロボッピ, Roboppī) is a robot appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She works as a maid at Yusaku's house.

History Edit

Roboppy was first seen cleaning Yusaku's bedroom. Ai called her an idiot; Roboppy replied that "idiot" was a forbidden word. Ignis asked Roboppy if she wanted to be smarter. He promised to fix her into a better AI if she became her follower and freed him to which she agreed.[1] Roboppy and Ignis panicked when Yusaku returned home and had roboppy put him back on the shelf.[2] After returning to Yusaku's house Ai flexed his muscles to impress Roboppy. Roboppy clapped, while Ai thought how cool he looked to "dumb" robots. Roboppy exclaimed that was the forbidden word, but Ai promised when he was complete, he'll "start to do that", and swore to make Roboppy smarter, and both started blushing.[3]

Ep021 Ai and Roboppy giggling

Ai promises to tell a story to Roboppy.

After being left home again, Ai promised to tell a story to Roboppy, who wanted to listen more, since she did help Ai out in "secret things". Both started blushing and giggling. Ai told the story of the recent events: the confrontation with Ghost Girl, entering the SOL Technologies' data bank, battling the AI prototypes andfacing the former security-in-chief, Akira Zaizen, himself. Ai credited himself for some of Playmaker's contributions, amazing Roboppy, until he claimed he wished everyone to fight, with him as the bet. He also thought Playmaker as some sort of a fiend, though Roboppy stated he was just cold-hearted. After he told the story, Ai admitted he was uncertain what would they do next, since nobody else but Dr. Kogami knew about the incident.[4]


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