Shoichi Kusanagi
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Japanese (くさ)(なぎ) (しょう)(いち)
Base 草薙 翔一
Furigana くさなぎ しょういち
Rōmaji Kusanagi Shōichi
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed younger brother[1][2]
Duel Monster statistics
Occupation Hacker
Hotdog stand owner[3]
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Subaru Kimura

Shoichi Kusanagi ((くさ)(なぎ) (しょう)(いち), Kusanagi Shōichi) is a character appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. He works as a hot-dog vendor in the city. However, that is merely a cover, as he is actually a skilled hacker who supports "Playmaker" in Dueling.[4]

Operating out of a food truck called Café Nagi, which doubles as his and Yusaku's base of operations, Shoichi is an ally of Yusaku Fujiki in his fight against the Knights of Hanoi, with intergral knowledge of the Link VRAINS.[5]

Personality Edit

Soichi is a rather friendly individual. He's shown to be sympathetic towards Yusaku and hopes he can one day enjoy Dueling again. He also regrets dragging him into the fight against the Knights of Hanoi.

Unlike Yusaku, Soichi doesn't seem to actively show hatred towards Hanoi.[6]

Abilities Edit

Being the owner of a food truck, Soichi is a capable cook; he was seen cooking hotdogs.

Like Yusaku, he's a talented hacker. He was able to get information about SOL Technology's activities and helped Yusaku capture Ignis in the latter's Duel Disk.[7]

History Edit

Past Edit

For not yet known how long, Shoich has been closely acquainted with Yusaku, a fellow hacker. Yusaku mentioned The Knights of Hanoi stole his past and Shoich's younger brother. He shortly recollected at one point that he most likely surfed the winds in Link VRAINS before they disappeared, leading Yusaku to decide to fight against the Knights of Hanoi.[8][9][10]

Present Edit

Ep001 Shoichi and Yusaku

Shoichi and Yusaku working on a trap to catch the AI program.

One day, in late afternoon, he and Yusaku discussed the Charisma Duelists and the Data Storm. He explained that the Data Storm was rumoured to be a wind that once blew inside Link VRAINS, which Duelists used to conduct a kind of Duel called "Speed Duel", but that wind had disappeared. Soichi hoped Yusaku can one day enjoy Dueling again and apologized to involve him. But Yusaku affirmed that he did this of his free will and he will get revenge on those who stole his past and Shoich's younger brother. Shortly after, they discussed how both SOL Technology and their enemies, the Knights of Hanoi, were chasing after an AI program in Link VRAINS with him. Upon learning that SOL Technology had scheduled a full scan of Link VRAINS that evening to try and find the AI, they quickly started working on a trap to catch the AI themselves. Although Yusaku successfully captured a reluctant Ignis in his Duel Disk, one of the Knights of Hanoi threatened to destroy Link VRAINS.

Ep002 Shoichi and Naoki

Shoichi explains the Speed Duel to Naoki.

After that Playmaker challenged the Knight of Hanoi, he was surprised when Playmaker rode the Data Storm.[11] A student asked what the Duel between Playmaker and The Knight of Hanoi was. He answered him that this was called an "Speed Duel". He was surprised that Yusaku used the Cyberse type. He became worried when Yusaku fell from his D-Board. After that Blue Angel saved Yusaku, he continued to watch the Speed Duel and was worried when Playmaker is sucked into a tornado within the Data Storm[12] and was relieved when Yusaku won the Duel.[13] Shoichi and Yusaku spent the next few days trying to figure out Ignis' programming, but Shoichi struggled to understand the complicated algorithms that Ignis was made out of. He then suggested to come up with a name for the A.I., to which Yusaku decided to name it "ai", a pun on "eye". Trying to scan footage from "ai's" memories caused the Knights of Hanoi's leader to track them down, however Shoichi shut down Café Nagi's power before they were found.[14] The next day Shoichi gave Yusaku the "Decode Talker" card that had finished materializing before he went to LINk VRAINS to fight a supposed Knight of Hanoi that appeared.[15] When the Knight turned out to be Go Onizuka, a program that prevents Playmaker from logging out was activated by SOL Technology. Shoichi worked on an escape route for Yusaku, but Yusaku refused to use it. After the Duel ended, Shoichi scolded Yusaku for not using the escape route, but also suggested that they could recruit Go for their fight against Hanoi.[16]

Shoichi discovered that the real identity of the famous idol "Blue Angel" is Aoi Zaizen, a classmate of Yusaku. He thought about Yusaku meeting Aoi so they could get closer to Akira Zaizen in order to get more information about SOL Technology regarding his brother and Yusaku's memories, however he also doubted the plan would work because of Yusaku's poor social skills. A few days later, he was shocked when Playmaker and Blue Angel began a Duel before getting interrupted by a customer.[17]


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