Skill (スキル, Sukiru) is a special rule characteristic of Speed Duels featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.

Skills are special effects that each player can only use once per Duel. They may possess a number of effects, like drawing extra cards, increasing one's LP or enhancing a monster's ATK. While still ambiguous, it seems that each Duelist has a unique kind of Skill.[1]

List of SkillsEdit

Skill User Ability Image
Double Draw (ドローダブル,Daburu Dorō) Knight of Hanoiface Knight of Hanoi Draw two cards instead of one during your Draw Phase.[2] Ep002 Double Draw
Secret Cure (シークレットキュア, Shīkuretto Kyua) Emma face Vr Form Ghost Girl The user sends a card they control to the GY to excavate cards from their Deck until a monster is revealed. That monster is added to the hand and both players gain LP equal to that monster's ATK. All other cards are sent to the GY.[3] Ep015 Ghost Girl's Skill
Storm Access
(ストームアクセス,Sutōmu Akusesu)
If the user has 1000 or less LP: Randomly obtains a Link Monster from a nearby Data Storm and adds it to the Extra Deck.[4][5] (The obtained card can then be materialized with the proper equipment.[6])

Ep002 Playmaker activates a Speed Duel Skill

Ep009 Revolver activates his Skill Storm Access

Fighting Spirit
GofaceGo Onizuka Special Summon all "Gouki" monsters that were destroyed by battle this turn.[7] Ep004 GO activates his Skill
Trickstar Fraud (トリックスターフロード,Torikkusutā Furōdo) Blue AngelfaceBlue Angel During your opponent's turn: Discard 1 "Trickstar" card; Your opponent draws until they have 3 cards in their hand.[8] Ep007 Blue Angel activates her Skill
Preserve Species (種の保存,Shu no Hozon) Doctor GenomeDoctor Genome When a Link Monster is Special Summoned from the GY, the opponent's LP and 1 their monsters' ATK are halved.[9] Ep024 Genome activates his Skill
Triple Draw (トリプルドロー,Toripuru Dorō) Ep016 Ai-A vs Ai-BAI Duelist Unknown[10]


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