Skill (スキル, Sukiru) is a special rule characteristic of Speed Duels featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.

Skills are special effects that each player can only use once per Duel. They may possess a number of effects, like drawing extra cards, increasing one's LP or enhancing a monster's ATK. While still ambiguous, it seems that each Duelist has a unique kind of Skill.[1]

On most occasions, Skills are activated by the line around the user's clothing glows, and the effect applies.

List of SkillsEdit

Skill Japanese User Ability Image
Kanji Romaji
Double Draw ダブルドロー Daburu Dorō Knight of Hanoiface Knight of Hanoi During the Draw Phase: Draw 2 cards for the Normal Draw, instead.[2] Ep002 Double Draw
Secret Cure シークレットキュア Shīkuretto Kyua Emma face Vr Form Ghost Girl Sends a card the user control to the GY; excavate cards from their Deck until a monster is revealed. Add that card to the hand, both players gain LP equal to that monster's ATK, and send all other cards to the GY.[3] Ep015 Ghost Girl's Skill
Storm Access ストームアクセス Sutōmu Akusesu PlaymakerfacePlaymaker
If the user has 1000 or less LP: Randomly obtains a Link Monster from a nearby Data Storm and adds it to the Extra Deck.[4][5]

Ep002 Playmaker activates a Speed Duel Skill

Ep009 Revolver activates his Skill Storm Access

Fighting Spirit 闘魂 Tōkon GofaceGo Onizuka Special Summon all "Gouki" monsters that were destroyed by battle this turn.[6] Ep004 GO activates his Skill
Trickstar Fraud トリックスターフロード Torikkusutā Furōdo Blue AngelfaceBlue Angel During your opponent's turn: Discard 1 "Trickstar" card; Your opponent draws until they have 3 cards in their hand.[7]During this turn's End Phase: Banish cards from the opponent's hand equal to the number of "Trickstar" Monster with different name in the GY. Ep007 Blue Angel activates her Skill
Preserve Species 種の保存 Shu no Hozon Doctor GenomeDoctor Genome When a Link Monster is Special Summoned from the GY: Choose 1 Monster the opponent controls, Halve its ATK and the opponent's LP.[8] Ep024 Genome activates his Skill
Triple Draw トリプルドロー Toripuru Dorō Ep016 Ai-A vs Ai-BAI Duelist Unknown[9]
Forbidden Surgical Operation フォビドゥン・サージカル・オペレーション Fobidun Sājikaru Operēshon Vyra Vr FormBaira Banish 2 Level 2 or lower monsters that with the same name from the user's GY; Special Summon 2 monsters with same name, whose Levels are equal to the excluded monsters', from the user's Deck.[10] Ep026 Baira activates her Skill
Double Bite ダブルバイト Daburu Baito FaustFaust Choose 1 Insect-type monster the user control; It can attack twice during each Battle Phase this turn.[11] Ep028 Faust activating his skill


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