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Specter's face
Japanese スペクター
Rōmaji Supekutā
Personal Information
Gender Male
Eye Blue
Hair white
Duel Monster statistics
Affiliation The Knights of Hanoi
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Kajimoto Daiki

Specter (スペクター, Supekutā) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is Revolver’s assistant and a member of The Knights of Hanoi.[1]

Appearance Edit

Specter is a fair skinned man with gray hair and light blue eyes. He wears a white suit with the knights of Hanoi "T" around the top. His hair is also parted with one bang going over the left side of his face.

History Edit

Past Edit

Five years before the start of the series, Revolver assaulted the "Cyberse World" with a "Cracking Dragon" of his own with the intention to destroy it. However the AI Ignis appeared and forced a disconnection of the Cyberse World from the rest of the network, thus forcing Revolver out of the Cyberse World while keeping its location known only to him. This made Revolver and the Knights of Hanoi spend the following years searching for Ignis' parts in order to find the location of the Cyberse World.

Present Edit

Ep001 Specter informs Revolver about Playmarker

Specter informs Revolver about Playmaker's interference.

At the present, the Knights of Hanoi continued their search of Ignis; but had many of their operations interrupted by the mysterious Duelist Playmaker, who defeated their agents, earning a name for himself. Specter informed Revolver that a trace of Ignis was detected and that SOL Technologies was in pursuit. Knowing that if SOL retrieved Ignis, they would be able to restore the Cyberse World and ruin the Knights' efforts, forcing the Knights to act. Specter informed Revolver about Playmaker, who had interfered with the, before. Revolver wondered if Playmaker was a member of SOL, but dismissed the possibility as they would act more publicly. Specter added that Playmaker erased every trace of his activity and eluded the Knights' searches, concluding that whoever he is he must be a skilled hacker. Revolver became interested in Playmaker, but decided to leave him for now as Ignis was their priority.[2] Later, he learned that Ignis was captured by Playmaker and watched his Speed Duel againt the Knight of Hanoi with Revolver.[3]

Ep006 Blue Angel and Specter2

Specter tells Blue Angel that he want her to beat Playmaker.

Specter and Revolver subsequently elaborated the events of the Duel with Playmaker. Revolver preferred Playmaker having his hands on Ignis for a while over SOL Technology having him, but added they should not leave him with Playmaker for too long. He them summed up a list of characteristics of Playmaker's that might help discover his true identity, one of these being that Playmaker would eventually want to Duel him.[4] Later inside the Knights base, he and Revolver watched Blue Angel's public announcement to duel Playmaker. He told Revolver that they could use her. After Playmaker Ignored Blue Angel's request to duel her, she was approached by Specter, he stated that playmaker hadn't shown up. When Blue Angel asked him if he was a knight of Hanoi, Specter just said that he was a passionate fan, then he threw "Dark Angel" card at her and said that it would unlock her hidden desires then he disappeared.[5] Dr. Kogami was surprised how Playmaker wanted revenge for what had happened 10 years ago. Specter arrived, noting how scary the fate can be.[6]



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