Yusaku Fujiki
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Japanese (ふじ)() (ゆう)(さく)
Base 藤木 遊作
Furigana ふじき ゆうさく
Rōmaji Fujiki Yūsaku
Other Names, etc. Playmaker
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Eye Green
Hair Blue and Pink
Duel Monster statistics
Win 3
Ace Decode Talker

Firewall Dragon

Monster Type User Link Monster
Occupation Student
Affiliation Den Academy's Duel Club[1]
School Den Academy
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Shouya Ishige
Kana Omuro (Young)

Yusaku Fujiki ((ふじ)() (ゆう)(さく), Fujiki Yūsaku) is the main protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.

Design Edit

Appearance Edit

Yusaku is a teenage boy with fair skin, green eyes, and dark blue hair that spikes outward in the back and contains light blue bangs with pink accents. His standard attire consists of a slate-colored jacket with light blue trim over a white dress shirt with a blue tie and a pair of black pants and black and white shoes.

While Dueling in Virtual Reality, Yusaku wears a black and green outfit with a golden stripe going across his body and a grey belt at the waistline. His hair color also changes to yellow and red with pink strips and accents. When he was a child, Yusaku wore a brown jacket with a green shirt. He wore blue pants and brown boots.

Personality Edit

Yusaku is described as a boy who doesn't like standing out at school, not because he's timid or shy but because he is a hacker. However, he gets drawn into encounters with people as he tries out Dueling for once.[2]

Ep001 Naoki and Yusaku 2

Yusaku's antisocial personality.

Yusaku is calm and collected most of the time. Outside of Duels he is shown to be intelligent and clever, but also calculating, standoffish, reserved, and somewhat anti-social. He prefers to distance himself from others and doesn't usually interact with people, not even remembering his classmates' names after a month in school. When Naoki Shima tried to be friendly with him, Yusaku casually admitted being lonely and friendless and inadvertently irritated Naoki with his observations, then didn't react to Naoki storming off. In public, Yusaku comes off as rather awkward and often doesn't know how to answer questions, leading others to assume things about him, such as when Naoki assumed he wanted to join the Duel Club and Aoi assumed he wanted new equipment from SOL.

Despite his introverted and cold nature, Yusaku is good-hearted, kind, well-meaning and is in well terms with Shoichi Kusanagi. He shows sympathy or care to others' situations like when he discovers that everything Go Onizuka does is for the orphanage, but refuses to let others get close to him and join his fight against Hanoi out of concern that they may get hurt.

As Playmaker he is shown to have a serious demeanor, but at the same time he displays some noble traits to his personality, such as saving Blue Angel when she was about to be attacked by "Cracking Dragon". For currently unknown reasons, Yusaku hates the Knights of Hanoi and swears revenge against them. He didn't hesitate to capture Ignis and threatened to delete him in order to challenge the Hanoi. Unlike most of his predecessors who enjoy Dueling and see it as fun, Yusaku sees Dueling as a tool to eliminate those who are getting in his way. According to Shoichi Kusanagi, Yusaku doesn't enjoy Dueling either, and would have enjoy Dueling if it were not for what happened in the past caused by Hanoi.

He is generally level-headed, serious, aloof and keeps a stoic expression most of the time, though he can give short smiles occasionally. He also has a habit of listing out three reasons for his observations, a trait shared with Revolver.

Etymology Edit

Like the protagonists of the previous five series before him, his name contains the character「遊」(Yu). In a break from tradition, however, his first name contains three syllables instead of the usual two.

His given name contains the characters "game" (Yu 遊), and "work" (Saku 作). His last name means "wisteria tree". The kanji of his given name can also be translated as "playing" and "making", which is most likely the pun of his VR name "The Playmaker".


Yusaku is said to be an intelligent hacker who possesses considerable ability and who solves mysteries in a cool manner. It helps him to read a situation and Decode Talker's thoughts. An observant individual, he is good at reading people. When Dueling, Yusaku keeps a close eye on his opponent's reactions to know when they're planning something, as such he usually isn't surprised when something unexpected happens.

Ep002 Yusaku hacks into SOL'systems

Yusaku hacks into SOL Technologies' systems.

  • Cracking & Hacking - Cool-headed and extremely clever, Yusaku's real skill is in his hacking and cracking abilities. He was able to hack into SOL Technologies' systems to find Ignis, which both SOL and the Knights of Hanoi had been hunting, within a few minutes and in the middle of a security scan, and managed to capture it into his Duel Disk while leaving the AI with no means to escape. He's also been fighting the Knights of Hanoi for some time without leaving any trace of his actions as "Playmaker".[3]
Ep002 Playmaker activates a Speed Duel Skill 2

Playmaker activates his Skill "Storm Access".

  • Storm Access - When in a Speed Duel, Yusaku's Skill is called Storm Access, which allows him to randomly access a card from a Data Storm when his LP is 1000 and below. Occasionally, the golden stripes in his "Playmaker" outfit glow.[4] Yusaku also displays a strange ability to sense and see things in the network world when not logged in.[5]

History Edit

Past Edit

Ep002 Young Yusaku injured

Young Yusaku is rescued after an uknown incident.

Yusaku mentioned The Knights of Hanoi stole his past.[6] When he was younger, he and five other children were rescued after an uknown incident.[7] He shortly recollected at one point that he most likely surfed the winds in Link VRAINS before they disappeared.[8] At some point Yusaku began fighting the Knights of Hanoi under the alias "Playmaker" with Shoichi Kusanagi's help.[9] "Playmaker" soon became a famous duelist within Link VRAINS,[10] with no one knowing what his real identity is because he always deleted his activity logs.[11]

Present Edit

Ep001 Playmaker saves Blue Angel

Playmaker saves Blue Angel.

At school, Yusaku met Naoki Shima, who started bragging to him about his new Duel Disk. When Yusaku attempted to leave, Naoki offered to teach him how to Duel. Yusaku rejected, saying Naoki did not seem very strong, but probably not a bad person either. Yusaku later met up with Shoichi Kusanagi and discussed how both SOL Technology and their enemies, The Knights of Hanoi, were chasing after an AI program in Link VRAINS with him. Upon learning that SOL Technology had scheduled a full scan of Link VRAINS that evening to try and find the AI, they quickly started working on a trap to catch the AI themselves. Although Yusaku successfully captured a reluctant Ignis in his Duel Disk, one of the Knights of Hanoi threatened to destroy Link VRAINS. Yusaku quickly entered Link VRAINS as Playmaker and saved Blue Angel from the Knight's "Cracking Dragon". He then challenged the Knight to a Duel, putting Ignis at stake. Ignis voiced his doubts that Yusaku's Deck could beat "Cracking Dragon", then stirred up a wind in Link VRAINS, starting a Speed Duel between Yusaku and the Knight.[12]

Ep002 Playmaker vs Knight of Hanoi2

Playmaker challenges a Knight of Hanoi in a Speed Duel.

As Playmaker rode the Data Storm winds, Ignis explained how Speed Duels differ from Master Duels. When Ignis mentioned there are only three Main Monster Zones, Yusaku wondered if he already knew about Speed Duels. Ignis offered to help Playmaker Duel the Knight, but Playmaker refused, reminding Ignis that he was his hostage. The Knight took the first turn and swiftly Summoned "Cracking Dragon". Yusaku wondered how to counter "Cracking Dragon" and failed to notice a building until Ignis told him to dodge it, reminding him that Speed Duels have obstacles besides just the Duel. Playmaker summoned "Cyberse Wizard", surprising everyone watching that he had Cyberse monsters. Playmaker used the effect of "Wizard" to change "Cracking Dragon" to Defense Position and inflict 1000 Damage to the Knight, but failed to destroy "Cracking Dragon". Ignis noticed Playmaker wasn't particularly surprised that "Cracking Dragon" couldn't be destroyed, to which Playmaker said that the Knight didn't react to "Cyberse Wizard" so he figured the Knight was planning something. A tornado formed within the Data Storm. The Knight activated a Skill, which angered Yusaku because Ignis didn't mention skills.

Ep002 Playmaker Link Summons Decode Talker

Playmaker Link Summons "Decode Talker".

The Knight used "DDoS Attack" to inflict 1600 Damage to Playmaker and knock him off his D-Board. "Blue Angel" saved Playmaker by using her whip to throw the D-Board back at him. Ignis noted that a fall from that height could've killed them. The Knight reduced Playmaker's LP to 400 and the Data Storm tornado sucked him. Inside the tornado, Yusaku figured out that this was part of Ignis' calculations. Ignis revealed that powerful monsters reside within the Data Storm, and that Playmaker's skill "Storm Access" allowed him to obtain those Monsters when his LP is below 1000. Playmaker obtained "Decode Talker", which he used to win the Duel. As the Knight fell off his D-Board, Yusaku declared that the Knight had no right to call himself a Duelist.[13]

Deck Edit

Yusaku uses a Cyberse Deck that incorporates Link Summoning.

Extra Deck

Normal Monsters

Effect Monster

Link Monsters


Ep001 Knight of Hanoi vs Playmaker Knight of Hanoi 1 Win
Ep002 Playmarker vs Knight of Hanoi Knight of Hanoi 2 Win
Ep004 Playmarker vs GO Go Onizuka 4 Win
Ep006 Blue Angel VS Playmarker Blue Angel 7 Win

Trivia Edit

  • When he use Magic Card, he refers it as "Mahou" Card instead of usual the English "Magic" Card.


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